Twist and seal holiday light safety combo pack

Twist and Seal Holiday Light Combo Safety Pack - Holiday Light Extension Cord Protection

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The Holiday Light Combo Safety Pack is specifically designed to protect all your holiday light related cord connections from rain and melting snow. The Twist and Seal Holiday Light Combo Safety Pack includes six Twist and Seal products.

  1. Five Twist and Seal Mini's - The Mini is specifically designed to fit Christmas and holiday light power cord connections. The combo pack includes 5 Mini's. 
  2. One Twist and Seal Cord Protect - The Cord Protect provides heavy duty extension cord protection for home and garden use. It’s perfect for connecting an extension cord from the house or garage with your holiday lights.  

It has never been easier to keep your home and family safe from electrical hazards

  • Perfect for all your outdoor holiday light and extension cord connections
  • Comes with six Twist and Seal cord connection products: Five Mini's and One Cord Connect
  • Unique design will keep connections dry all season
  • Prevents electrical shock and tripped outlets
  • UV resistant material
  • Heavy duty commercial grade plastic
  • Made in USA with a 5-year warranty

Do not submerge any Twist and Seal product in water