‘Tis The Season for Holiday Light Displays


‘Tis the season to decorate!! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, many of you are gearing up for a full season of indoor and outdoor decorating. Each year, electrical hazards pose a risk to your home, your family and also to your decorating. Electrical shock and electrical fires are common during the holidays because of exposed cords, overloaded outlets, etc. Also, many of you deal with decoration outages. How frustrating to have all that hard work go out!

Luckily, the Twist and Seal team has been hard work developing new products and making adjustments to the current product line in order to protect any electrical cord connection you might encounter.

The Cord Dome is the perfect product to keep the connections on your outdoor light displays dry. Use the Cord Dome as the electrical power hub for your decoration set up. Place a power strip inside, along with any y-connectors and stake the Dome to the ground. You can now safely plug in all your single cords to one location and place your decorations where you want them. Your electrical connections will remain safe from any rain and snow.

The Twist and Seal Mini is perfect for keeping holiday light connections dry. Whether you are decorating bushes, railings or roof lines, the Twist and Seal Mini safely covers the cord connections and remains out of sight. Let it rain and snow, your lights will be staying on all season long! 

The Cord Protect is the newest member of the Twist and Seal family. The Cord Protect can fit any standard size home extension cord (14-16 gauge). While the Mini is specifically idesigned for holiday light strand connections, the Cord Protect can fit the holiday light strand size cords up to regular homeowner extension side cords. No matter what size you use, the Cord Protect adjusts – making it perfect for all the outdoor light decoration electrical cord connections. Place the Cord Protect over any exposed connection, stay safe from electrical hazards, and keep your décor lit up for the holidays!

Visit our website or visit any of your local home improvement stores to find our Twist and Seal products. Happy Decorating!

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