The Spring Busy Season

Spring is in full swing and that means busy season is upon us when it comes to your home and outdoor landscape. April showers give way to new blooms and greener lawns. You can also be ‘green’ with some environmentally safe and low energy options that get the job done for Spring.

Eco-Friendly Fertilizer

While there are plenty of fertilizers available to make your lawn come back fuller and greener, they are all usually filled with chemicals that could be hazardous if handled improperly. A great alternative is the organic fertilizer, which is primarily made up of nutrients through animal and plant matter. Protein-based fertilizers include meat-production waste ingredients such as fish emulsion, bone meal and blood meal and include beneficial microbes and fungi. An even better alternative is to spread compost throughout your yard to improve the soil conditions. You can also add nutrients to your soil by leaving lawn clippings where they lay and letting them decompose naturally.

Use Rain Barrels for Watering

Spring also means a lot of watering for those plants early on so that they bloom beautifully year-round as well as watering your lawn during dry spurts. More watering means a higher water bill for some and for those in drought-stricken regions, statewide water restrictions. Conserving water by using rain barrels to collect rain water can reduce the demand on your municipal water system or your homes’ personal well. During storms, even a light shower, a rain barrel can fill with enough water for your lawn and plants to thrive. Rain barrels can be purchased through most home improvement stores or try your hand at DIY and make your own using an old trash can!

Use Natural Cleaning Products and Zero Waste Tools

Using chemical free cleaning products is one way to become eco-friendly while keeping your home squeaky clean. There are several brands offering natural products that are better for your health and the environment. Brands like Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers can be found at multiple stores in your area. You can also save more money by making your own natural cleaners! Take it an extra step further by investing in zero waste cleaning tools. Items such as a steam mop, unpaper towels, microfiber cloths and dusters are completely reusable. They can be thrown in the wash and cleaned with natural laundry detergent.

Keep Cord Connections Dry

As the rain storms become more frequent in the spring, you will need to make sure your various outdoor connections are kept dry to ensure safety and reduce hazards outside of your home. Keep them securely covered so your outdoor lighting and water features will continue to run seamlessly all season long.

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