Spring Cleaning for Your Yard - 3 Quick Tips

Spring Yard Cleanup Tips

It’s officially Spring! Even though it might not always feel like it, Spring is here and it’s time to get back outside and get your yard ready. Here are 3 tips from our Twist and Seal experts about ways you can get your yard ready for a summer of entertaining.


If you’re like most people, you find yourself at the garden store in mid to late June buying plants for the yard. That makes your job more difficult for a couple reasons. First, the weather is warmer so it’s harder on the plants to be moved in the summer vs during the spring or fall when they’ll have a more temperate transition. Secondly, in June and into the summer the ground is dryer and harder to dig in. Not only is digging in dry soil more difficult, it also makes it hard for your new plants to reach their roots out. Do everyone a favor and try to get your plants in as early as possible and if you can’t get them in before May, you might want to wait for fall.


Weeding your yard and garden can feel daunting. Especially when the weeds are down deep and the ground is hard. If you catch the weeds in early spring before their roots are deep and while the ground is soft, you can make your life much easier. I’ve never met someone who liked weeding but everyone likes the end result. So buckle down and make it happen… it’s not getting easier. As soon as you’re done popping all those weeds out, you’ll want to get mulch down. Not only does mulch help keep the weeds from coming back, it also helps keep the moisture in the soil so your plants don’t have to work as hard. It’s a great combination that will make you happy for months to come.


There’s nothing like standing back to admire a freshly planted and weeded yard. It looks amazing right?... at least until it’s dark. Some properly positioned outdoor lighting can help you, admire your hard work long into the night. Whether you go with wired low voltage outdoor lights, string lights or plugged lights, or solar there’s no question about it - a well designed outdoor light plan can have a huge impact on the way your yard looks and feels. There are so many outdoor lighting options out there so make sure you look around, ask questions and read reviews before diving in.  

If you follow these three steps you’ll be in a great position to enjoy a beautiful weed-free yard all summer!

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