So Much to be Thankful For!



Christmas shopping and festivities are in full swing as shoppers work to complete those wish lists for family and friends. It’s common for us to completely skip the fact we celebrate Thanksgiving and jump right into Christmas. But taking the time to be with the ones you love over a wholesome meal is something never to be replaced.

Whether you travel to see family, or go to that local restaurant (if you don’t feel like cooking), Thanksgiving dinner is a staple event. The kids usually sit at their own designated table, while the adults sit at theirs. There is plenty of conversation to go around. Most go around the room and say what they are thankful for before digging into their feast. And on occasion there is an announcement to be had, both joyous and unexpected. It’s a time for family and friends to reflect on the past year while planning what is next in the new year.

After the meal is through, the turkey and dessert take hold and it’s time to wind down. You take a look through the various black Friday sale ads and make your plan of attack to snatch up the deal of the holiday season. Most take this time to start decorating for the holiday season now that Thanksgiving is through. But before you start decorating, make sure your extension cord connections will be kept dry so you can enjoy them throughout the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holiday. Enjoy this time with your family and friends and stay safe! Never take a day for granted. Happy Thanksgiving!

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