Pool Season is Here!


The kids are out of school and the temps are getting hotter. The pool is the hot spot for most people to get relief from the heat. Whether you’re visiting the community pool or have a pool of your own, safety is the number one concern. Hundreds of children die each year due to pool and water related accidents. Prepare yourself and your family this season by taking the proper precautions to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe summer!

Swim Classes for Kids

Taking swim lessons at a young age will get your children started on the right path to safeguard against potential drowning. Lessons can start as early as age 1, or earlier depending on the class location, and should include “water competency” skills such as getting out of the water or flipping themselves onto their backs if they should fall into the water. Knowing that your child is acquiring the proper swim survival techniques, will give you a greater piece of mind.

Keep a Close Eye on Children

When at the pool, lake, river or beach, give your kids your undivided attention. Do not let things such as your smartphone, tablet or book distract you. Even if your children are playing in shallow water, looking away for just a moment could make your day go from enjoyable to tragic in a matter of seconds. Always stay close to infants and young children. Never let them go near a pool alone. Always make sure an adult is nearby and at least an arm’s reach away.

Child-Proofing your Pool or Spa

For your home pool, you must include a four-sided fence that is at least four feet high. It also must contain a locking mechanism that is child-proof in case your child tries to access it on their own. Purchasing a pool alarm is also helpful as it signals when someone has entered the water. Keeping your patio doors and other additional pool entry areas locked and secured will also ensure that no child accidentally makes their way near the pool area without an adult present. When visiting a guest who has a pool, check their surroundings to make sure you are familiar with the swim area and determine whether it is safe enough for your child. At least one third of child drownings occur at the homes of friends, neighbors and relatives.

Keep Cord Connections Away from Children

Covering your electrical cord connections near and around your pool and spa area will ensure that children will be protected from any dangers. Keep outdoor cord connections securely covered so that they also stay dry with summer rain and the ever present splashing!

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