New Twist and Seal Extension Cord Connection Products for Everyday and Industrial Use


The inventor of the Twist and Seal product line, Bryan Nooner, is continually redesigning the Twist and Seal product line, as well as, inventing new and innovative products to protect any and all electrical cord connections. Through the voice of our online reviews and other customer feedback, Bryan discovered that there was a need for a year-round electrical cord protection product, and also an industrial size cord protection product.

With months and months of designing and engineering under our belt, Twist and Seal is proud to bring to market the new Cord Protect and the Maxx. Both of these products complete our line, and now Twist and Seal covers electrical cord connections from the small holiday light size up to the 16 gauge construction size connections.

The Cord Protect is perfect for year round use. It protects regular homeowner extension cord connections and automatically adjusts to the smaller sized connections such as holiday lights. The Cord Protect works great for the lawn and garden: pool pumps, power tools, outdoor lighting, outdoor party connections (bouncy houses, speakers, etc), and much more. Anywhere you have an electrical cord connection, a Twist and Seal product should be covering it! Rain or snow, spilled drinks or tiny hands… protect your outdoor electrical connections! The Cord Protect prevents electrical hazards and keeps any outdoor connection from blowing a fuse.

The Maxx was designed to protect heavy-duty commercial grade electrical cord connections up to 10 gauge, while automatically adjusting to protect smaller diameter 16 gauge homeowner electrical cord connections. A patented integrated cord strain relief system prevents the cord connection from being pulled apart. The Maxx is built job site tough and can withstand the demands of a construction zone. The Maxx is also well suited for disaster relief. During disasters, electrical cords are submerged under water. The Maxx can protect those cords and keep you safe from electrical hazards, and can keep your lights on!

Both of these new products are available now for order and can be found at your local home improvement stores! Protect your electrical cord connections with Twist and Seal.

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