Holiday Light Displays with Twist and Seal

This holiday season has been full of snow and cold weather (at least the northern United States). With all of the sleet, slush, snow, and rain your outdoor cord connections are surely becoming an electrical hazard or an annoying shortage problem. Fear not holiday decorators! Twist and Seal has a product for virtually any cord connection you have.

Not only do our Twist and Seal products protect your cord connections, it also keeps them from being pulled apart.

Check out our product lineup…

The Twist and Seal Mini is the perfect product for your typical holiday light cord connections. Simply snap the Mini over the connection and your lights will stay on all season long… no matter the weather. Watch this short video to see how quickly you can protect your cords all season long.

The Twist and Seal Cord Dome protects MULTIPLE outdoor electrical connections from the rain and melting snow. Whether you are a Clark Griswold decorator or simply running a few extension cords outside, the Cord Dome can be used all year long. The Cord Dome keeps cords organized, can house power strips and handle multiple extension cord connections. Here is a short video to show you just how easy it is to use the Twist and Seal Cord Dome!

For our newest additions…

The Cord Protect. Based off our Original design when we first began this journey, the Cord Protect is uniquely designed to fit any size extension cord connection. The Cord Protect truly is the perfect product to use all year long. Whether you are connecting a pool pump, using outdoor power tools or stringing outdoor patio lights, the Cord Protect will keep your electricity on and allow you to stay safe from electrical hazards.

Finally, the Maxx. Built for tough jobs. This product was built for heavy duty industrial grade cords. Perfect for construction zones, job sites and anywhere commercial grade electrical cord connections are used. The Maxx has a cord strain relief system built in so that cords are not pulled apart during use, and the Maxx is designed to fit 10 to 16 gauge cords.

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