Goodbye to 2019 and the End of the Decade!

As we get ready to celebrate the holiday and bring in another new year, we like to take the time to look back and reflect on this year.

Was the year full of change, accomplishments, triumphs or tragedies? Is there something you would like to do different in the new year that you didn’t do this year? Are you going to work on those home projects you put off this year? (always a common topic) Whatever you plan to do to start the year off fresh, we hope that it is full of success, accomplishments and memorable good times!

We are thankful for every one of you, our customers! We look forward to continuing to provide you with great customer service and a wonderful product to get you through any outdoor electrical project. You all have made this a great year and we are excited to see what 2020 brings! We are always here to make sure your extension cord connections will be kept dry so you can enjoy them not just for the holidays but all year round. Stay safe and enjoy these last few weeks of the year with family and friends!

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