Fresh start to the year, let’s do this!


We are wrapping up the first month of the new year and hopefully you have gotten a start on that resolution. If not, don’t beat yourself up! This is just the beginning and there is no timeline on these things. It’s best to get a game plan together for each month and knock out that to-do list one by one. Start off by getting yourself organized. Focus on a single task and work your way forward. Checking off that list visually shows your getting things done and you can feel great knowing you’re keeping yourself on track. 

If it takes going through each room of your home one room at a time, then make a weekend out of it. Go through belongings and thin out that closet of items you don’t need or wear anymore. Donate clothing to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can feel good about helping someone in need and that you just made your space larger! It’s really easy to let things collect in that spare room as it is out of sight and out of mind, but it is good to go through every month or two to keep things tidy.

Organization also takes place outdoors. Although it is still snowy season here in the Midwest, keeping items out of the path of snow plows and shovels will ensure your walks and driveways can be kept clear. Storing outdoor lawn decor away in a garage or shed will keep things clutter free until they are ready to come back out in the Spring.

If you still haven’t put away those Christmas decorations, make sure to store them safely in moisture proof containers. Wrap your lighting up neatly so as not to get them tangled up for the next use. Throw your extension cord covers in with your lighting so everything stays nice and organized when you are ready to decorate again!

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