5 Tips To Prepare Your Yard for Fall

As cold, wet weather moves in for fall, it’s time to wrap up all the summer yard games and prepare your yard for fall. It’s not as daunting as it may seem. Here are 5 tips to help you check fall yard prep off your list and get back to that pumpkin latte!

Irrigation Clean Out

If you have an irrigation system, one of the best ways you can keep it working properly is by getting the lines blown out every fall. The process involves sending compressed air through your entire irrigation system. The air will push all the water, and any small debris in your lines, out and eliminate the risk of freezing. This can be done using an air compressor or by calling a professional landscape company.

Garden Hose Round Up

If you don’t have an irrigation system, you probably have a couple hoses laying around the house. You’re most likely not going to be using them much, or at all, in the winter so now is the time to coil them up and hang them in the shed, garage or under the porch. Keeping your garden hose out of the elements will increase it’s longevity and make it so you know right where your hose is if you end up needing it this winter vs trying to dig it out of an icy snow pile.

Protect Your Faucet, Spigot, or Hose Bibs

It doesn’t matter what you call it, your outdoor faucet, spigots or hose bibs should get covered up for the winter to protect against freezing. Even if you live in an area where sustained freezing temperatures aren’t likely, a small investment on covers and time could save you a huge headache down the road. Insulated faucet covers are cheap, come in lots of colors and size variations and are some of the most affordable “insurance” you can give your house before winter is in full swing.

Clean Those Gutters - Then Clean Them Again

As the leaves and pine needles start coming down, gutters fill up fast. A heavy rain and a clogged gutter can mean disaster. Just think about it, hundreds of gallons of water rolling over the edge of your gutter and next to your house or in a window well vs traveling down the downspout and away… what a mess. Keep a close eye on your gutters in the fall. It is recommended that you give them a thorough cleaning at the beginning of the fall and then keep them blown out with a compressor or leaf blower every couple of weeks until all the leaves are off the trees. If you need a ladder to reach your gutters, take the appropriate precautions or higher a gutter cleaning service.

Protect Outlets and Outdoor Electrical Connections

In the summer you were probably maximizing your outdoor outlets - outdoor string lights, yard tools, projectors for movie night, and that bubble machine for the kids. It’s time to take a sweep through the yard and make sure all those outlet covers are shut and ready for rain and snow. You’ll also want to wrap up all the outdoor extension cords that you are not using and put them away. Just like with your hoses, storing your outdoor extension cords in a dry place like a shed or a garage will increase their longevity and make sure they are safe for a long time. If you have outdoor extension cords that are staying out for the winter make sure the connections are covered. Our Twist and Seal product line will help you protect your outdoor holiday light cord connections as well as your permanent outdoor light setup.

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