Order Twist & Seal Mini

The Mini is specifically designed to protect any holiday light power cord connections from rain and melting snow. You no longer have to duct tape your connections to be safe from electrical hazards and power outages! Order your Twist and Seal Minis today and “Keep Your Lights ON!”
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Order Twist & Seal Cord Dome

The Cord Dome protects MULTIPLE power cord connections, such as, entire power cord strips and Y-connectors. Holiday light decorating enthusiast? Gardening? Outdoor entertaining? The Cord Dome will house your power cord connections to keep you safe from electrical hazards and will “Keep Your Lights ON!”.
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Order Twist & Seal Maxx

Built for the jobsite and able to withstand the toughest of jobs, The Maxx protects industrial grade power cords, while also automatically adjusting to smaller household power cords. Rain, mud, and snow are no match for The Maxx. Need strength and durability to protect your power cords? Get the Maxx to be safe from electrical hazards and “Keep your power ON!”
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Order Twist & Seal Cord Protect

The Cord Protect offers heavy duty cord protection for home and garden use. It is uniquely designed to protect electrical cord connections in wet conditions. Use anywhere there is a need to keep exterior electrical connections protected from rain and melting snow: Pool Pumps, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Fans, etc. Our products are made with UV resistant material and commercial grade plastic. All of the Twist and Seal Family of Products are made in America and come with a 5-Year Warranty.

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