What type of warranty does Twist and Seal have?

Twist and Seal comes with a 5-year replacement warranty. If your Twist and seal’s latch, hinge, plastic or foam fails due to manufacturer defect, just send the faulty piece in and another will be sent back to you at no charge. Customer only pays shipping.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions about the Twist and Seal family line of products?

Please email keith@twistandseal.com for any questions or call 888-945-4545.

Is there a discount for purchasing a large quantity of the Twist and Seal product?

Yes. We offer volume discounts for both retail, wholesale and bulk purchase clients. Please contact keith@twistandseal.com

Where is the best place to buy Twist and Seal’s?

You can buy Twist and Seal’s off of our website under the product descriptions. Also, your local home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, carry them.

How long will my Twist and Seal’s last?

The Twist and Seal products are all made of a durable UV Ray resistant and weather repelling commercial grade plastic that will withstand many years of outdoor use.